artist of the month

Daniel C Chung

The beauty of the natural world is second to none. Very few things in our world can evoke so many different emotions and thoughts as images of the Creator's handiwork. At Nature Light Images, the hope is to capture a moment in time that evokes thought, emotion and appreciation for the world around us. In a sense to take a deep breath from our day to day madness and simply see and appreciate the beauty that is illuminated by Nature Light.

The artist has been taking photographs since the age of 10, first with a Kodak 110 instamatic camera, and then moving up to his first single lens reflex, a Nikon Nikkormat FT3 as a teenager. His primary subject has always been nature, landscape and wildlife. His growing interest in a career in the natural sciences further fueled his passion and interest for the natural world. Now having totally transitioned to digital photography, the flexibility and versatility this new medium brings, has greatly increased his creativity and vision for nature and outdoor photography.