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Artist of the Month

artist of the month  

The walls of Burlap and Bean are currently
featuring the work of Clair Oaks.

As a painter, Clair Oaks is smitten with acrylic paint on canvas. Saturated color and layering evoke a sense of the unrevealed and mingle within a framework of structured spontaneity. At times, mixed media is introduced in her work.

Her paintings create a simultaneous impression of calm and vibrancy--likely influenced by her years of practicing/teaching yoga and meditation. For the past year, Clair has been exploring the sacred geometric symbol called the "Flower of Life”. The Flower of Life symbol represents important meaning to many throughout history.

The symbol can be found in manuscripts, temples and art throughout cultures around the world. Clair happily resides with her beloved husband, Rob, and cat, Mr. Kitty in Swarthmore PA. She occasionally blogs about her creative adventures.




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