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Artist of the Month

artist of the month  

The walls of Burlap and Bean are currently
featuring the work of Cynthia Murray.

Creative pursuits in my life began during childhood when my five siblings and I would do summer craft projects under our mother’s direction. As I conquered skills more complex than gluing greeting cards to scrap pieces of wood, I understood how art could be an effective way to communicate ideas that often felt too complex for words, a way for me to tell my story. Combining that appreciation for art with my love for mathematics and science led me to study landscape architecture at Rutgers University and University of Illinois.

Designing a wide variety of landscapes throughout the United States as well as international locations for over twenty years often left me frustrated when construction documents were turned over to teams of contractors. I wanted to be a more active participant during that part of the design process when dreams imagined become a physical reality. That frustration led me to find outlets with the opportunity to develop an idea and follow through to a finished product. Oil painting, oil pastels and jewelry design allow me to explore different areas of interest.

Each project, whether landscape design, painting or jewelry design, is a way for me to interpret the world around me, not necessarily how I see it, but how I feel it. I find the challenge is to capture the emotional essence of any subject with a unique style that is hopefully both captivating and thought provoking.


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