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Artist of the Month

artist of the month  

The walls of Burlap and Bean are currently
featuring the work of Andrew Weiss

Andrew Weiss was born and raised in the Delaware Valley and he currently lives in Garnet Valley with his wife and 4-year-old daughter. By profession heís a programmer and analyst but heís always had a passion for the arts. Due to his professional and personal obligations, and a fear of becoming a starving artist, he never pursued his creative desires. Then, one day almost 9 years ago, he saw a photograph hanging in a friendís home that inspired him to purchase his first DSLR camera.

Far from a natural at first he slowly enhanced his skills by reading, studying other photographers and most importantly spending countless hours surfing the pages of Flickr. As his talents improved he found his favorite photography styles were wide-angle landscapes, long exposures and echoing shapes. Over the years he has developed his own work stream that consists of 3 standard steps that he still follows today; research, composition and editing.

Andrew puts a lot of time and preparation into scouting locations; he will often pursue an idea that he observed from TV, videos or other photographs. He maps locations online, monitors weather conditions and he even tracks the sun and moon phases. The composition of a photograph is something that he may plan in advance but itís often trial and error when heís on location. One of his greatest enjoyments is editing images. Itís the process of reliving the moment an image was taken in the days, weeks or even years afterwards. Lastly, he believes that printing his photographs is just as important as the act of taking them. Andrew is fascinated with many printing methods such as aluminum, metallic and acrylics.

All of the planning and hard work has gotten Andrewís images recognized by many regional and national websites, publications and competitions. He has thousands of photographs in his archives and all of his images can be purchased in any size or quality


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