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Artist of the Month

artist of the month  

The walls of Burlap and Bean are currently
featuring the work of Jennifer Monahan and Regina Joans.

Jennifer Monahan's paper sculptures reveal the interplay between her exacting eye for detail and her whimsical nature, not to mention her considerable patience! Her imagination and meticulous craftsmanship transform ordinary colored paper into extraordinary and one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Regardless of the subject matter, her unique style and technique create vibrant pieces that are as simple as they are complex.

Jennifer is a self-taught artist from Portland, Oregon. Her original hand-cut, 3-dimensional works are composed of 100% acid-free archival paper and are created using an X-Acto knife, needle, and glue. The materials are intricately cut and assembled on different levels to create the varying shadows which produce the unique 3-D effect. Although she has worked in other media, Jennifer prefers using paper for the depth and texture it allows.

Artist Regina Joans shares images full of motion, touring through the seasons of the outdoors and of life. Through a deep engagement with the world around her, Regina's photographs provoke exploration and becoming as she shares her story in the midst of life's unraveling.

With a deep sense of curiosity, she is inspired by the life she takes in everyday, living robert frost's words, "Create and stir others to create," believing there is creativity in everyone.


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